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Those who can withstand Scorpio compatibility know that they should never lie to Scorpios are independent and if anyone is the dominant or.

You have a high power of perception and very intuitive, and thus, you could potentially use these abilities to help those around you, and at the same time, find a career in the humanitarian or social sphere. As far as work is related, you have your own limitations and highs and very often, you will need to separate your initial job or idea and it is not a common occurrence for you to change your positions frequently.

You can be a great scientist, salesperson and life coaches which are some of the interesting career fields that highlight two different personality aspects that you possess. On one hand, you are a compassionate person while on the other, you are a typical Aquarius person who is big on innovation and ideas. You are the type who like stepping into the shoes of others and see how best you can be of help to them. Most of the time, you act based on principles and it makes it next to impossible for you to lie and become a hypocrite.

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In case you happen to do that, it burns you up due to the fact that, you are not living your life as per your highest values. Orange is your lucky color.

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It is a color associated with encouragement, success, cooperation, cultivation, warmth, and enthusiasm. Your other colors include golden, beige, and gray.

Your lucky numbers include 27, 20, 46, 24, 23, 10, 6, 11, 38, 22, 42, 40, with number 19 being your power lucky number. Your stone is beryl. Your plant is a bamboo. Your animal is a coyote. Your main professions are an obstetrician, secretary, and philologist. You always look for the middle ground. You always look for a common area where you could agree and thus, you are more than a mediator. You go out of your way to resolve conflicts and issues among those around you and in this, you succeed because, they see your sincerity. No need for rewards or acknowledgments for your efforts.

Although you are very open-minded, at times you take things to the extreme. Remember, while you are open to new experiences and open-minded, there is always a limit in life.

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Just like with other virtues that others possess, you will need to control your openness to avoid the negative part of it coming out. That is something that your openness makes you find yourself in from time to time. You have an open mind to the extent that, you let in almost everything and in the long run, you are harmed.

You need to avoid harmful ideas. Even though it is good to have an open mind, you should remember that there are things which can enter into your mind that can corrode it and they are normally mentally toxic ideas.

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You could be feeling that you are open-minded yet what you are doing is unnecessarily opening yourself to things that could harm you in the long run. You will need to focus on your life boundaries when it comes to your ideals and ideas. It is something different to be open minded and another thing to be an open-minded sic. It should serve a greater purpose in your life and make you feel better. If not, then it is likely to bring a lot of problems in your life, mis-communications, and other negative issues.

While it is positive to entertain many aspects, you will at the end of the day, need to make a decision. Ideas lead to certain places and they are not equal in nature, nor are they neutral. You will need to avoid your tendency of remaining neutral or on defense and noncommittal. There are situations which you will face in life which will need you to take a firm stand based on your principles.

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