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Those who can withstand Scorpio compatibility know that they should never lie to Scorpios are independent and if anyone is the dominant or.

Palm Reading Types of Hand. House Feng Shui House Building. Basics Feng Shui. Organs on Face Forehead. Basics Face Shapes. Home Dream Meanings Mother. Compared with father who is a symbol of authority and social order in dreams, mother also symbolizes morality. The dream about mother may indicate your inquiry on your inner moral consciousness. Also, the dream of mother may suggest you have no sense of security and are helpless about everything around, thus need to be cared or require some clear guidance.

If you often dream about your mother, however, it implies you are quite dependent, cannot get out of her shelter and usually feel insecure. Mother brings you to the world and symbolizes your life span and health. The relationship with your mother in the dream reflects your recent state of life. For example, if your mother held you in her arms in the dream, it means you will get help from family and have everything go well. And thus the problem begins with ego. If Sun is in 1st or 7th house it will give divorce.

Only this is not enough to determine divorce. If the house where Sun is placed is not his inimical sign it will create conflicts or situations where partners will blame each other or will exchange hot words, but finally, divorce will not happen. If Venus is with Sun within 7 degrees 30 minutes in some specific houses like 2nd or 4th or 7th or 9th house, then divorce is a must.

To be definite to take any decision you should always judge D-9 in the case of marriage. Association or aspect of benefic planets can reduce the possibility of divorce or can avoid it. Here I will only discuss how Mars or Mangal is responsible for the divorce. Mars is called the planet of quarrel or physical harassment.

If only 7th house is involved then these kinds of quarrels will be happening between husband and wife only. But, if somehow afflicted 3rd house and 11th house and their lords are also involved then with this kind of yoga especially in a female chart the girl will be physically assaulted by father-in-law and mother-in-law also. You can easily understand that Mars is a very high significator of divorce and maximum time ends up in court cases, but D-9 chart should be also indicating the same, otherwise adverse situations will arise but, no official divorce would be there.

This planet is also a very important planet to determine divorce. If Saturn is associated with marriage related houses especially 1st or 7th it will make someone very suspicious in nature and they will always doubt their partners. Saturn is very slow moving planet so, it effects also very slowly and steadily. These kinds of partners always keep matters within themselves for a long time and all of a sudden with a very small issue they burst it all out.

Saturn without fail gives a long-lasting effect. Sometimes Saturn keeps the married couple away from each other throughout the life, there may not be any official divorce but unofficially Saturn is the king of making misunderstandings and they slowly convert into quarrels, conflicts and finally divorce. Saturn also gives impotency or incapability to bear a male child and this too sometimes becomes a reason behind the divorce. Similar to the above-mentioned planets, Rahu also gives divorce if it is connected with any marriage related houses, especially the 7th house. Rahu is called the planet of separation.

If it is somehow connected with the 7th house of sex, the person cannot be physically happy with one man or woman, he or she needs multiple partners, he or she cannot be in one relationship for a long period of time. Rahu makes a flirt type personality. In maximum cases where Rahu is involved in Divorce there, you will find that the physical reason is the main reason behind it.

Many times it is due to extra martial relationships.

How to Deal With In-laws Problem in Marriage Through Astrology

Whether Ketu gives divorce or not is a big controversy in Astrology. Some Astrologers opine that Ketu always gives divorce. Now in my astrological practice so far, I have seen that both opinions are correct.

Let me explain this further. Ketu wants to burn all material things into ashes. It always tries to keep us away from all earthly matter. If it is present in the 7th house of marriage it will make the person reluctant about leading a married life. They are not that much concerned about their partners. Sex is also very limited if there is no other yoga in the horoscope which indicates an overtly sexual characteristic.


If there are such highly sexed characteristic indications in the horoscope the situation would be bit different. In such a case the person will not be that much interested in family life, but will be maintaining an extramarital relationship or will be maintaining pre-marital relationships. If Ketu conjuncts Venus it can give very secret relationship even among relatives or closed ones.

Most times after the baby is born the couple starts staying separately from each other. Things could be saved if there might be an influence of benefic planets like Jupiter, Moon, Mercury, and Venus.

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When any of the above-mentioned lords or planets are afflicted or under bad influence, the problem will arise as per subjects related to that house or planet. For example, if 7th house is somehow afflicted, the problem will arise due to the partner.

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Following are some points due to which separations or divorce happens:. If above mentioned planets are in their mutual enemies house or afflicted by any malefic planet or debilitated, then also this kind of separation happens. If both planets and houses are under bad influence so separation or divorce is sure. But, if any of the above-mentioned combinations are aspected by or conjoined with a strong benefic planet, the separation can be adjusted or there can be a reunion between the couple after divorce.

If the 7th lord co-joins with the 6th or the 8th lord and is badly afflicted by malefic planet, separation can happen. When the 7th house lord is retrograde or combusted or weak then also separation happens. Experience: 15 Years. Specialization: Dr. Share The Article On :. Dear Anjan, You have chosen the right article to ask the question, but you have not mentioned the birth details in proper way.

Please mention the birth place and ask the question in more descriptive way. Only divorce question related specific question is not enough. Please tell me more about situation also. Many astrology students also follow this website, your question may help them to understand the subject more clearly. After judging your horoscope I found that you have extra-marital yoga in your chart, when that will start and what type of person will come, what will be the future of the relationship and your marital life, all these need deep analysis.

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Book an appointment for in detail analysis………. I understood the divorce yoga mentined above as below. Pl help me to correct if my interpretation is wrong. The basic you understood very correctly dear, take nakshatra matter also under consideration. Any connection of marriage related house specifically 7th house with dusthana houses, specifically 8th house will create the situation of separation or divorce. Because always remember, in case of marriages Rashi chart gives us the information of the start but D-9 gives the final whistle.

Only avoid Nakshatra rules while judging D-9 charts, because d-9 does not support Nakshatra application. Rest is up to you.

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You can share your own findings with me too if you want……. But need help. This is my second.

Dear Snehal, I only can guide you here, because free consultation is not permitted here. Previously I used to.

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What I can say only on the basis of astrology learning purpose. Anyways, first of all for marriage related matters Rasi chart and Navamsa both should be judged that already i have mentioned in my article. You can easily get the answer from my article, if you have a basic knowledge in astrology. Still all I can say in short that some people are not made for each other and all marriages cannot be successful, but yes, sometimes that can be saved if you take the right decision at the right time, your marriage is still at a stage from where you can start a new life, but you do not have much time, now, rest is on you…….