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Those who can withstand Scorpio compatibility know that they should never lie to Scorpios are independent and if anyone is the dominant or.

Ghart ll Mars Male A u g. H e w i l l b e co n te n ted,happy andwelldressed. He will write nice poetryand will b e c o m ef a m o u s. Jupiter Ketu R Lagna Saturn.


Mars Allahabad Rahu Venus Sun vrsr vur y. H e w i l l h a vefa i th ful available andwillbe generous. Atal Bihari Vajpayee Dec. T h e n ative bor n even in this yoga will get fame, will have sons, wealth and also recievesgood wishes for his welfare. This is the opinion of Rishis. The native will be victorious over his enemies and will be an emperor.

Notsettled tilltodayandstillstruggling for survival. B"-0' 8"29"', S i n ce th e n h e had been leading a miserable life,likea beggar tillhe diedin T h e se yogas give guidance to us. Result: The nativewill be wealthy, intelliggnt, endowed withvirtues, willbe loved by kingandsplendorous.

The differences are 1. Jupiteris positedin kendrafrom l a g n ao r M o o n.

Conjunct or aspected by other benefic' - parashara Moon is not combustor weak and is a s p e c t e db y t h e p l a n e t s V e n u s , Jupiter and Mercury. Venusand Moon if aspectingeach other, give very good results. Ju p i te ri s exalted.

B u t t h e M o o n i s n e a r debilitation and has just come out f rom Rahu Lagna Venus. Jupiter K. Rao Oct. H e h a s publishqd in p r o d u c e dn u m e r o u s researches Astrological Magazine, Times of Astrology, and also author RashmiVigyanetc. Yoga 1 3. In both the n 1 3. Thus all qualities described for this yoga are p r e s e n ti n t h ese ca se s. Yoga According to Jataka Parijata-. He livestor 7Oyears,will Jie near the temple. Cleverin is learned, he the sacred scriptures,. H e will enjoy all pleasures in life, will be prosperous, and a n d l e a rn e dH.

So this yogatoo give an inclination g i ve s p re dominently V e n u s. Th e n a t i v ew i l l h a vesma l lte e tha n d smallface, will be inhabitant of mountains, angry temperament, cheat,very braveandcourageous, fondof livingin far off places, forests, mountains, -. He will be famous. He may become war may mint millionsat the cost of Poor. These This is all aboutPanchmahapurusha well as from as lagna yogas from reckoned five frombothplaces the Moon willbe foundeffective an empireand perfection.

S o me ti me s sometimesfade away. He will be poor,surrounded ' a n d w i l l b e i n si g n ificant. Rajayoga H e w i l l e n j o y of wealth' in matters happiness mediocre Parashara. The Mahadahsa was of Mercury positedin lagna yogakaraka and formingRajayoga with t h e Su n , t h e l o r d o f 4 th A n ta ra o f V e nus Vipr eet Rajayoga lordof 1st and 6th and pratyantar of Mercury, -V e n us - Satur n Th e t r o u b l es ta rte di n Me rcu ry O c t o b e r2 3 , 1 9 8 2to A p ri l4 , 19 8 3.

The fall of Mr. Rahu-Venus was the periodrunning whenshe wonwhatmustrankas one of the best 24, The ca u se R a jayoga.


Example i ii Birtht. T h e n a ti ve will attain kingdom. Those planets in debilitation while one such planetis in 2nd h o u s e a n d a ma l e f i c i n 1 Othh o u se, destr oys Rajayogas. We can conclude that the strong position of Jupiter important for steady and healthy progress, peace and tranquility , Sun and Moon powers , Venus Rajasic, a karaka for worldly pleasures and comforts and the 11thhouse is a must for a powertul Rajayoga to give auspicious and full results.

Refer Chart XVlll i 7th lord exalted in Sth. Here Mars is debilitated. Heredebilitated Mercuryis in lagnaand also with Moon.

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In the wor ds o f Dr. P r e d i cti vep a rt o f A stro l o g yis a super s c iJ nceo f q c i e n ce sw h i ch h e l p s u s to r ead out the effectoftheseplanetarycombinations. Res u lt s d e p e n d u p o n h o n e stY The sages have give;r many tools to test the Some correctness of the data furnished.

An astrologermust. Air skin eqftrkq, qf,, ffin - Presidingdeity i s Va y u q q , th e w o rk i s to fe e l o r touch. The question of lossesand gains,life and death, or def a m e a n d f a m ei s i n th e h a n d so f Go d. One should not be worriedaboutone'sfame,reputation and should not do self praise.

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The horoscopewhich have planetsin kendra is a re benefic,it. The horoscope results. U The dasha balance at birth, and the order of the dashas which the native is supposedto get d u r i n g h i s l i fe ti me. The fourthhousesignifies have to find will properties, The astrologer etc.

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The out the proper indications. In the prdsentcase understudy we need to study -the Chart. Dwadashamsha ' lf in allthe casesf rom a to d a similarposition givenwill be accurateone. U n l e ssth e re i s a d a sh a of the planet the native involvedin any Arishtayoga or Rajayoga, will neithersuffernor enioyon accountof suchyogas. T h e r e w i l l be mi n o r p e ri o d so f A ntar dasha'of whichwill give some the planetsinvolvedin Rajayoga effectsof these yogas. Srd lord positedin 6th; A lord of Triksthana i n a b a d h ou se ,n o t b a d. The lord of 4th posited in 7th ; A lord of kendrastahana is posited in another kendrasthana n,o t b a d.

B u t th e b enefic who is lord of kendrahas a kendradhipatya d o s h a.

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  5. The tord of 11th,Mars is in 9th: A very good p o s i t i o nf or Ma rs. T h i s sh o w s connection between the Karmasthana and the The lord of strongestkendra Bhagyasthana. Mercury the lord of 12th in 6th ; Mercury is i n a n e u t r a l 'sh o u se , a l so ca u singVipr eet Rajayoga. The native will be able to make his fortune by his own elfortq karma and wisdom.

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