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Those who can withstand Scorpio compatibility know that they should never lie to Scorpios are independent and if anyone is the dominant or.

Others around the 2 find these characteristics endearing and magnetic. The word love is not something 2 people take lightly.

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They may long for finer trinkets, but also look at a daisy and feel their heart rise with joy. If you are a 2, you probably love sharing those small tidbits of loveliness — a butterfly on wing, glittering stars on a velvet black sky, the authentic giggle of a baby, a piece of moving graffiti. You may even find yourself describing them in poetic terms. If you have the Destiny Number 2 get ready to grow, particularly mentally.

Much of this growth comes directly from the strands of Fate, who brings you all manner of challenges. As a two, you may literally find yourself facing the same challenge twice.

Sadly, the sometimes wavering sense of self-esteem 2s experience may cause lackluster relationships or long gaps between lovers. This Destiny Number has strong ties to the Moon and water. You may find your greatest solace sitting on a beach or riverbank, skipping stones and meditating. This is also an excellent way to purge your aura from all the input you receive from natural empathy. Other excellent therapeutic activities for the 2 are gardening and herbalism.

Birthday Numerology

The spirit and soul of a Number 2 years for symmetry and dislikes clashes. Anything that puts life out of harmony disturbs the vibrational frequency of the 2 soul down to their very toes. A vast amount of time is spent in this incarnation seeking after peace and closure. The soul of a 2 is not good at being alone. They yearn for someone to love and support, even if that relationship turns out lopsided.

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In any relationship, business or personal, 2s take a supporting role behind the curtain. Sometimes they are the ones setting a sacred stage where all the players meet and interact, raising the energetic dynamics for the whole. In this proverbial play, 2 is not pushy. There are times when this old soul will be tempted to give up, not wanting to make too many waves. On the other hand, when they receive support from others their ability to create accord is legendary. If your Soul Number is Two, remain very cautious of very powerful people or those who crave the limelight. Your aura gets flustered around those with a Birth Number 1, finding them too intense and on a completely different wavelength, for example.

Despite some shyness, the Number 2 loves to socialize, laugh, dance and love fully.

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For this 2 gives of herself fully. She remains devoted sometimes to a fault , but requires periodic assurances that all is right on the home front and beyond. Speaking of home, 2 people love puttering in their space, making it uniquely their own in some way. This satisfies the 2s yearning for positive outcomes without having to engage or confront anyone.

The 2 as a life partner is highly intuitive, sometimes to the point of distraction. She will know true intent, which makes some people very nervous. If this is you, take care. People born under the influence of 2 have a natural drive to serve. They make excellent diplomats, medical personnel, social workers, teachers and healers. Many have strong aptitude with musical arts, finding it soothes their spirit. As the universal language, music makes a great medium for the 2 to make a point without having to say one word.

Even if it means more money, your soul will thank you for taking jobs that help others in some way, something that really feeds your aura with warm fuzzies.

Numerology Birthday Number 2

This is the perfect correlation for 2 which represents the ultimate femininity, the consummate maternal energy. The classic Rider Waite Tarot Card Deck depicts the High Priestess , dignified and elegant, sitting between light and darkness at the temple of Solomon. One wonders what mysteries and wisdom she imparts.

That is something cloyingly fun about 2, she can be enigmatic, but in a way that draws people to her. The High Priestess represents inspiration and intuitiveness. Thus the 2 often finds messages coming to them from the oddest places, but listen to such missives. I look for. Apologies for delayed reply.

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  • The first of the year is always crazy booked with psychic readings. Glad you enjoyed the Numerology description! You are very cooperative, and you work best in relationships.

    Birthday Numerology and Number Meanings on

    You enjoy being the power behind the throne, rather than the figure on the stage. You are modest and kind. You have great diplomatic skills. Your intuition allows you to perceive what another wants even before they say it. You can continue a project better than you can start it.

    You are very attentive to details. You need harmonious and peaceful environments. You are the glue that keeps important projects and groups together. While you may not get all the credit you deserve, you are indispensable in any endeavor. If you were born on the second day of the month, this article is for you.